Do you know the 30 checkpoints tested on a refurbished smartphone?

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A refurbished smartphone must undergo numerous tests in order to be as close as possible to a new product. These different control points allow us to certify the device as compliant with a new sale on the market.

Following these tests and according to their results, some parts are renovated. For example, a battery with less than 80% of charge capacity must be replaced by the reconditioner. After a complete cleaning of the device, an aesthetic grade will be assigned to it.

We propose you a list of the different tests made on a refurbished smartphone :

  • rear camera
  • front camera
  • phone call
  • battery and charging connector
  • bluetooth
  • home button
  • mute button
  • power button
  • volume buttons
  • proximity sensor
  • earpiece
  • phone status
  • back panel
  • front panel
  • GPS
  • speakerphone
  • icloud
  • icloud disabled
  • IMEI
  • flashlight
  • microphone HP
  • microphone
  • unlocked operator
  • jack
  • network
  • touchscreen
  • keyboard test
  • vibrator
  • front window
  • wifi


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