Price index for refurbished smartphones 2024

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It's time to dissect the year's hottest data! Our data team, with its in-house expertise, has meticulously scrutinized the trends to bring you the 2024 price barometer.

Knowing what's happening in the refurbished market is crucial to staying competitive. That's why we've gathered, analyzed and interpreted a wealth of data to provide you with a clear and precise overview of what's happening in your sector.

The aim of this blog post ? To show you the nuances of the refurbished market, the quarterly variations and the explanations for these trends. We'll leave you to discover these analyses just below 👇

Our barometer is based on a precise algorithm that takes into account a wide range of data in real time, in order to provide you with increasingly relevant information. Thanks to our internal data on prices observed on our sales and distribution channels, we can provide you with a monthly view of the market and its evolutions.

April -  May 2024 

This month, we see a noticeable variation, with a 10-point gap between March and April. While the downward trend seems to stabilize between April and May.

This fluctuation reflects the seasonal dynamics of the refurbished market. Whether you're an industry professional, an informed consumer or simply curious about price trends, this analysis offers valuable insights.

Seasonal fluctuations in the refurbished smartphone market are due to new model launch cycles, post-holiday returns, summer preparation and spring promotions. This combination of factors often leads to a drop in prices in April-May, offering interesting opportunities for savvy buyers and companies looking to equip their teams at lower cost.

The arrival of summer often marks a rise in prices, and we can already observe this in early June. Remain vigilant and keep sufficient stocks while prices are still reasonable.
March 2024

The first quarter of 2024 drew to a close with a small increase in prices in March, taking our index to 96.88. Rather unusual for the season. What could be the reasons for this rise?

1. Global shortage of electronic chips
2. Strong demand for refurbished smartphones
3. Rising prices for new smartphones
4. Apple changes its policy

February 2024

The price index of refurbished smartphones experienced a slight decrease in February 2024.

In January, the index was set at 100, which serves as the baseline for 2023 and 2024. In February, the index reached 95.43, a decrease of 4.57 points compared to January.

Several factors can explain this trend:

  • Seasonality : the prices of refurbished smartphones tend to decrease in February, after the winter sales period.

  • Increased supply : the supply of refurbished smartphones tends to increase at the beginning of the year, after the holiday season.

  • Decreased demand : the demand for refurbished smartphones can decrease in February, after the winter sales period.

January 2024

At the beginning of each year, the refurbished market follows a seasonal trend of price variation, marked by a drop generally observed during the months of January and February.

During these two months, you can expect to see prices for refurbished appliances drop across our various distribution channels.

It's important to note that this price drop is not uniform across all product types. For example, high-end smartphones may experience a steeper price drop than other product categories.

This difference can be explained by various factors :

  • seasonal demand 

  • available stock levels.

  • What can we expect in February? 🤔

December 2023

The fall in prices seen last month continues into December, and in a more pronounced way 📉.

In contrast to the previous year, this is a period of falling prices.

Two hypotheses are possible :

1️⃣ The arrival of new models at the end of the year leads to reduced demand for previous models, resulting in more affordable prices.

2️⃣ The holiday season stimulates demand for new products, reducing interest in refurbished products and impacting prices.

This lower price is great news for buyers, enabling them to make significant savings by opting for refurbished products.

November 2023

Prices fall in November 📉

This can be explained by three factors:

👉Inflation persists, impacting French budgets and curbing sales.
👉 Simultaneously, an increase in inventories naturally leads to a drop in prices.
👉 The iPhone 15 is selling better this year than its predecessor, so there's a greater flow of trade-ins feeding inventories.

Traditionally, December is marked by a significant rise in prices.
Will this downward trend in prices continue in December ? 🤔


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