Dipli joins the Mouvement Impact France !

Gain Complete Visibility Into Your Ai

Build the entrepreneurship model of tomorrow, more sustainable and supportive.

In the continuity of the change of our statutes (now ESS), we multiply our actions to build a sustainable environmental strategy 🌱

And good news, Dipli has been selected to join the Mouvement Impact France network! A network supported by and for entrepreneurs with a social and ecological impact. It is the network of entrepreneurs and managers who put the ecological and social impact at the heart of their business 🤝

Impact Tech For Good

Within the Movement, we have integrated the "Impact Tech for Good" community. At Dipli, our mission is to reduce the ecological impact of tech products and build the reconditioned market of tomorrow.

The carbon footprint of electronic products cannot be avoided, but their lifespan can be extended: 

  • Building an intelligent and participatory ecosystem for each company
  • Making second hand accessible to all
  • Encourage local expertise where possible


💡 Impact Tech for Good is the community of entrepreneurs who develop tech and digital solutions to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and responsible society.

The Community’s commitments: limiting the digital carbon footprint, facilitating digital accessibility, bringing technological and scientific innovation to solve major societal and environmental challenges.


That’s why Dipli joins the Mouvement Impact France network !

  •  Build another business model, more inclusive, more equitable, more sustainable.
  • Changing laws and developing social and ecological competitiveness.


The heroes of the circular economy are us ✨

Impact France in clear: 

. a community of entrepreneurs and leaders who share the conviction that they have a vital role and responsibility in building another business model that is more cohesive, more equitable, more sustainable.

. events all over France to meet, exchange, cross networks, debate and progress!

. Regional thematic communities to bring a credible voice to the strategic sectors of the impact economy. 

. Concrete proposals for changing French and European laws and developing social and ecological competitiveness.