5 tips for looking after the battery of your refurbished smartphone.

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What is the best way to look after the battery of a refurbished smartphone?

We spend nearly an hour and three-quarters a day, or 26 days a year, on our smartphones! Optimising our battery life and its longevity is becoming essential! There is nothing more annoying than running out of charge. But do you know how to care for the battery of your refurbished smartphone? Your phone battery has a given lifespan; how can you extend it?

Agora Place offers some tips on how to look after the battery in your refurbished smartphone properly. Check out our 5 tips for doing away with the need for emergency batteries!

1: Update your refurbished smartphone regularly


5 conseils pour bien entretenir la batterie de son smartphone reconditionné Agora Place.

Software like IOS and Android often incorporates advanced power-saving technologies. Don't forget to update your refurbished smartphone to take advantage of these new features.

It's important to point out that, regardless of the grade you choose, every battery is verified and tested by our partner factories. So they will support these updates very well.


2: From hot to cold, it's only a short hop!


5 conseils pour bien entretenir la batterie de son smartphone reconditionné Agora Place.


Your smartphone, irrespective of whether it is new or refurbished, does not like extreme temperatures.

The batteries work best between 0 and 35°C.

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Bien entretenir la batterie de son smartphone reconditionné Agora Place.


Your refurbished smartphone must be charged without a case and for a certain period of time:
  • If your high-tech product tends to get hot when you charge it, start by removing it from its case (pouches, hard cases, etc.). This helps avoid excessive heat, which can affect the capacity of the battery.
  • Do not leave your refurbished smartphone connected to a computer in standby mode or switched off, as this will drain your battery.


Half-full or half-empty:
  • When storing a high-tech device for an extended period, store it charged to half-full.
  • Turn it off to avoid any further use of the battery.
  • Keep it in a cool, dry place, protected from damp, where the temperature is below 32°C.
  • If you plan to store your refurbished device for longer than six months, charge it to 50% every six months.
  • Do not fully discharge your battery every time (below 10%), as this can wear it out prematurely.

Finally, if you no longer use your old smartphone: sell it and give it a second lease of life!


Your refurbished smartphone's battery is of high quality:
  • Don't worry; refurbished products must meet strict requirements before they can be reintroduced to the market.
  • When it is sold, the battery of a refurbished smartphone should not be at less than 80% of its capacity. It will then have the same capabilities as a new smartphone and will perform just as well.
  • In thirty minutes, you can fill up 50% of the battery life of your refurbished Samsung S7.


Your battery's charging cycles:
  • Avoid charging fully and opt for "small charges" instead. Don't wait until your smartphone is below 20%, and do not leave it plugged into the mains after it reaches 80%. Do not leave your refurbished smartphone plugged in overnight; otherwise, your battery can overheat and will be damaged much faster.


But what is a charging cycle?
  • This refers to the action of fully charging and discharging your smartphone.
  • The term also refers to the expected life of a battery, even a reconditioned one, since it should be remembered that the battery of a reconditioned smartphone always has at least 80% of its performance.
  • The life of a battery is typically about 500 to 1000 cycles at 100% charge.

4: Settings: A concerted attack!

Bien définir les réglages de son smartphone reconditionné Agora Place.
  • Reduce the brightness and choose a dark wallpaper.
  • Keep your Wi-Fi on at all times, so you don't have to use your cellular data.
  • Activate the power save mode.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth.
  • Disable your geo-location.
  • Activate aeroplane mode if you have no or very weak network access.
  • Reduce your screen standby time (less than 30 seconds).
  • Turn off your device from time to time and preserve 100% of your battery life.
  • Put pre-installed apps that you do not use (compass, weather, book, TV, podcast, etc.) to sleep.


5: Photos, yes, but not too many!


Les photos et vidéos usent la batterie de votre smartphone reconditionné Agora Place.

Don't forget that your smartphone uses battery power to store and constantly keep track of your photos, videos and audio.

So if you want to save energy and make your battery perform better, move your photo and video gallery to an external hard drive or the cloud.

Agora Place offers professionals a wide choice of used or refurbished smartphones. So we make sure that every product has a powerful, long-lasting battery.

Be sure what you are buying: Agora Place is the platform that simplifies and secures the supply chain for retailers, online retailers, affinity insurers and mobile operators. So if a battery has any defect, you will be immediately alerted through the description of each refurbished smartphone shown on our platform.