Refurbished laptops: an ethical and solidarity-based purchase

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For players in the reconditioned market as for the whole of French society, the time is for adaptation and mobilization. Purchases of high-tech products are turning towards more sustainable and ethical consumption and despite the current crisis and the difficulties of many companies, this situation benefits the sales of refurbished laptops. This growth is justified by several factors: 

  • Global exports of new products fell sharply: smartphones reached 274 million units sold against a forecast of 307 million. Laptops reached 27.9 million units exported compared to previous forecasts of 35 million units worldwide. 

The new market is in free fall, the production plants are mostly closed and their reopenings will be slow and progressive. Second-hand and refurbished high-tech products are therefore less likely to be out of stock.

  • the emergence of new needs: millions of people teleworking, a distance education system for schoolchildren and students, the confinement that forces individuals to communicate virtually while waiting to see each other again and more than 5 million French people in digital precariousness.

Consumers, but also businesses, then turn more easily to the second-hand and reconditioned market. What are the advantages of a refurbished PC or Mac? What are the top products of the moment? 


What are the advantages of a refurbished laptop ?

A refurbished computer offers all the advantages of the new at a price sometimes up to 40% cheaper. These computers are collected from various sources: company computer parks, online recovery sites, manufacturers and retractions or damaged boxes. These are then reconditioned by professionals, who carry out a number of tests and repairs if necessary, according to strict specifications. 

All equipped with the latest software, they are also guaranteed between 6 and 12 months depending on the dealer. 

Finally a refurbished laptop is almost 4 kg less industrial waste. The cost of repair and recycling is less important than the new manufacture of a computer, so the ecological and environmental impact is much lower. 


Top 5 refurbished laptops 

On Dipli, refurbished PCs and Macs are in high demand. Here are the top 5 best-selling products on the market today. 

  • 1. Hp EliteBook 820 G1 12,5″

  • 2. Apple MacBook Air 13″

  • 3. Lenovo ThinkPad X220 12.1″

  • 4. Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″

  • 5. Dell Latitude E7250

Dipli supports associations and Ehpad

Faced with the current situation, all our teams are mobilizing to provide support and adapt our services to the needs of our customers but also associations and Ehpad. We are working with the Break Poverty Foundation, Emmaus Connect and the Collectif Mentorat to quickly provide 10,000 computers to young people in a digital divide so they can connect to school remotely. More informations here.

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