What are the advantages of dropshipping?

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Dropshipping is a form of marketing that involves three stakeholders:

• an online retailer
• a supplier
• an end customer

It lets online retailers and resellers market all their supplier's products without having to worry about purchasing stock or managing logistics. The end customer places an order with the retailer, who passes it on to the supplier, who then delivers and manages the stock.
At Agora Place, dropshipping is available to all buyers on the platform. Find out about the many benefits of this.


The advantages of dropshipping at Agora Place



Financial advantages

📦No investment in stock

📊No risk of unsold stock

📱Take advantage of our catalogue of over 200,000 products

With dropshipping, you only buy what you sell. Income always exceeds outgoings. This eliminates the financial risk of holding inventory. With more than 200,000 used and refurbished high-tech products availale, you can now offer a much more extensive catalogue on your site, while avoiding storage costs.


Simplified logistics

💥No management of delivery, packing and shipping

📄Personalisation of the delivery note with your logo and address

📱Unlimited volume

Our buyers can now personalise the delivery address and the document attached to each order. No more complicated and costly logistics. No need for warehouses or premises, no handling, no stock and shipment management. Agora Place takes care of everything. We send the orders directly to your end customer. By eliminating unnecessary logistics, online retailers can free themselves up to concentrate on other tasks. As usual, you are informed by email about the shipment, tracking number, serial number & IMEI in the package.


Open up your sales channels

Today, with the Agora Place dropshipping service, you can sell on any e-commerce channel. You can offer products for sale on your website of course, but also on marketplaces like Aliexpress, Amazon, Back Market, Cdiscount, Rakuten, Rue du commerce and so on. The orders are sent by the factory to your end customer.

Dropshipping is a great business opportunity for both freelancers and companies. The benefits of this service are considerable.

On Agora Place, there are more than 200,000 reconditioned, tested and checked high-tech products. No surprises: when the orders are sent, the quality and price are as expected. No account yet on Agora Place?

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