Dipli joins la communauté du Coq Vert : committed to the ecological transition

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Dipli's commitment to the communauté du coq vert

Since January 2023, Dipli has joined la Communauté du Coq Vert : a group of companies committed to the ecological and energy transition. Launched by Bpifrance, in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, it brings together and amplifies the voices of local communities of entrepreneurs committed to this mission.

This new step concretizes our status as a social and solidarity economy (ESS) company and reinforces our objectives:

  • To support our clients in reconciling economic performance with the positive impact of electronic products

  • To promote and make second-hand products accessible to all

  • To offer an optimized and responsible supply chain by encouraging local expertise



What is la communauté du Coq Vert ?

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Definition and mission of the community

La Communauté du Coq Vert is a community of leaders who are convinced of the need to act and are already committed to the ecological and energy transition. Launched by Bpifrance, in partnership with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, this Community aims to foster the sharing of expertise between committed entrepreneurs.

Being a member means committing to respecting certain convictions within your company, for example:

  • Making the ecological transition a priority.
  • Doing everything possible to limit climate change.
  • Spreading new ecological solutions and innovations.

This list is not exhaustive, but the main objective remains the same: to actively participate in the dissemination of its values. 🌱

More information about the community here.

The importance of the circular economy in the tech sector

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The circular economy is an economic model that aims to reduce resource consumption and waste production by extending the life of products and reusing or recycling them. This model is particularly important in the tech sector, where products often become obsolete and are discarded quickly.

The circular economy can bring many benefits to the tech sector, including :

  • Cost reduction: Reusing and recycling products can reduce the cost of raw material procurement.

  • Improved brand image: Companies that adopt the circular economy are perceived as being more sustainable and responsible.

  • Innovation: The circular economy can stimulate innovation in the development of sustainable products.

Why did Dipli join la communauté du Coq Vert ?

Being part of la communauté du Coq Vert means joining a community that shares the same values and objectives. It is about exchanging ideas and advice with other members to better understand how to adopt more sustainable practices for a more circular economy.

♻️ On the agenda: Networking and sharing of good practices through physical and digital events, access to a dedicated space with a directory of members to be put in touch with on demand, exclusive training related to the ecological transition, testimonials, a Linkedin group reserved for members, Webinars...

Alignment of values and environmental commitment
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At Dipli, we are proud to be an integral part of the Green Rooster Community, where our commitment to the transition to a more sustainable future is at the heart of our mission.

By integrating sustainability into all of our initiatives, we seek to promote a circular economy by reducing electronic waste and promoting product reuse. Our partnership with the Green Rooster Community reinforces our determination to create a positive impact on the environment and to work together for a greener and more prosperous future for all.

Dipli's contribution to the circular economy

As a leader in reconditioned high-tech products for professionals, we are constantly at the forefront of innovation. We recently launched an optimized supply chain management solution, designed specifically for distributors, rental companies, operators and businesses.

At Dipli, we have a simple but powerful mission :

  • To simplify the second life of high-tech and electronic products
  • To support professionals in the management of their digital equipment
  • To value terminals and calculate residual values in the long term
  • To provide reconditioned digital equipment (smartphones, tablets, IT)

This solution centralizes and simplifies the entire value chain in one place. Thanks to this integrated approach, we actively contribute to promoting the circular economy by reducing electronic waste and promoting product reuse.

Benefits of joining la communauté du Coq Vert for businessesDesign sans titre (68)

There are many benefits for businesses to be part of the Green Rooster Community, including :

  • Expertise partagée : Accès à l'expertise et aux bonnes pratiques en matière de durabilité et d'économie circulaire.

  • Partenariats et collaborations : Opportunités de collaborations fructueuses avec d'autres membres de la communauté.

  • Accès à des marchés engagés : Connexions avec des marchés et des clients sensibles à la durabilité.

  • Renforcement de la réputation : Contribution à une réputation d'entreprise engagée dans le développement durable.

  • Accès à des ressources et financements : Opportunités d'obtenir des financements et des ressources spécifiques au secteur de l'économie circulaire.

  • Shared expertise: Access to expertise and good practices in sustainability and circular economy.

  • Partnerships and collaborations: Opportunities for fruitful collaborations with other members of the community.

  • Access to committed markets: Connections with markets and customers who are sensitive to sustainability.

  • Reputation reinforcement: Contribution to a company reputation committed to sustainable development.

  • Access to resources and funding: Opportunities to obtain funding and resources specific to the circular economy sector.

  1. In short, joining the Green Rooster Community offers businesses a dynamic network, growth opportunities and increased recognition in the field of sustainability. We are also a member of the Mouvement Impact, an association that represents the actors of the social and solidarity economy and committed companies in France

Visibility and recognition in the circular economy ecosystem


Joining the Green Rooster Community offers several advantages in terms of visibility and recognition for a company committed to the circular economy :


  • Increased credibility : Being part of a recognized community in the field of sustainability and circular economy instantly gives the company credibility, demonstrating its commitment to responsible business practices.

  • Expanded professional network : Belonging to a community of like-minded companies allows for the expansion of the professional network. This provides opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and exchanges of expertise with other influential players in the field.

  • Increased visibility : Being a member of a well-established community provides a platform to increase visibility. The initiatives, events, and publications within the Green Rooster Community allow the company to make itself known to an audience interested in sustainability and circular economy issues.

  • Participation in collective initiatives: Being part of the Green Rooster Community offers the opportunity to participate in collective initiatives, such as awareness campaigns, research projects, or advocacy actions, which have a positive impact on the environment and society.

  • Sharing of best practices and access to exclusive resources: As a member of the community, the company can access exclusive resources such as training, financing, support programs, or business development opportunities specific to the circular economy sector.


Sharing best practices and access to exclusive resources

As a member of the community, the company can access exclusive resources such as training, financing, support programs or business development opportunities specific to the circular economy sector.

Companies can thus benefit from the experience of other members to improve their own processes, reduce their environmental footprint, and maximize their positive impact.

How to become an active member of la communauté du Coq Vert ?


To join the Green Rooster Community, you must be a company committed to the ecological transition and meet at least one of the following conditions :

  • Have received support from ADEME: financial aid, training, support for winning TPE&SMEs on all costs

  • Have benefited from Bpifrance support: Eco-Flux Diagnosis, Energy Transition Accelerator, Transition Accelerator, Green Loan, Green VTE or any other support module dedicated to the ecological transition

  • Hold a recognized label

To find out about the other entry requirements, click here.

"I want to be more than just a member!"

It is also possible to become a scout by joint decision of ADEME and Bpifrance. With this title, you become an ambassador of the community.
The goal ? 👉 Show the way.
If you have to respect certain conditions to be a member, you have to respect more to be a scout. For example :

  • Follow a specific training course.

  • Be proactive.

  • Identify 1 to 3 relevant companies to join the Green Rooster Community and invite them to join.


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